Last update 3 January 2016 - Johannesburg

Specialisation: We specialise in software enabling communication through documents.
Our software is designed to capture, store, retrieve, display and disseminate any information that can be stored in Windows including scanned images, photographs, Excel files, Word files, Faxes, Telephone conversations and Email etc.

Mission Statement:

"To produce world class Document Management software of first choice which is easy to use, fully supported and priced to ensure affordability to all users."

To achieve this we will:
[Bullet]Continually upgrade the integration scanner package to create
  smaller, better and faster image storage.
[Bullet]Create databases which are easy to use and application specific.
[Bullet]Continually liaise with existing and potential customers to ensure that
  we produce what the customer needs.
[Bullet]Appoint only fully trained dealers in areas in which we have
  customers and support them fully.


  Meet the people

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Tel: (011)706-2119
Cell: (082)441-0959