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DocScan Dealers

Restrictions - We will not appoint DocScan dealers in an area in which there is an EFFECTIVE dealer already established. We do not, however, restrict dealers to sales in a specific geographic area as we believe that this will inhibit those dealers actively pursuing DocScan sales opportunities.

Unit prices - All dealers pay the same cost price for their DocScan products. However a dealer who has sold more than 5 units will qualify for HVD (High Volume Dealer) prices giving a further reduced price.

Demonstration Packs - Any dealer wishing to market DocScan will be required to purchase a fully operational demonstration pack and document scanner at a substantially reduced price. They will also be required to attend a course on installation, setup and training on DocScan.

Dealer Support - Davcomm does not compete with its dealers. Every query sent to us is routed to a dealer nearest the prospective customer. Only in a case where there is no dealer geographically close to the customer, and only to provide a customer reference base for our dealers, do we handle the sale ourselves. Any dealer can ask our team to help in the evaluation, installation and training of their customers. Costs are based on travel, accommodation and subsistence. No salary cost is involved.

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