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[Bullet]In medium to large companies it is estimated that only 10% of documents are on computer.

[Bullet]An average of 30% of administrative staff’s time is spent searching for documents.

[Bullet]5% of documents are lost completely.

[Bullet]On one 160Gb Hard Drive, costing R700, DOCSCAN can store up to 5million document pages - equal to a 800 metre high stack of A4 documents or two hundred and eighty 4-drawer filing cabinets. This equates to a storage cost of less than one twentieth of a cent per document page.

[Bullet]Every time a document is photostated the cost in search time, paper, toner and machine costs is at least R2.00.

[Bullet]If a document was electronically stored and a fax of the document is required faxing from within a computer can save up to 33% in telephone costs as well as photostat costs.

[Bullet]If search time was instantaneous, if there was no need to photostat a document to send a copy anywhere, if anyone with a Windows computer could access the information, think of the savings!!

DOCSCAN will help you get the other 90% of your information into your system giving you instant access to all documentation. DOCSCAN does not interfere with any of your existing software and can be configured as a stand alone system or form part of a network.



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