Version 8.02

[Bullet] (September 2008). The import function has been modified to take into account the additional Cabinet fields.
The Import file viewer displays the first 40 columns in the Import file.

[Bullet] (September 2008) Added the ability for the supervisor to add an additional 40 fields to the cabinet.
The supervisor can nominate name of field, field length and field type (text, number etc. Access to this option is gained by checking ADDITIONAL CABINET DETAILS on the Supervisor Menu. This will expose a Menu choice
Cabinet-additional information. This allows the Supervisor to add info about the new fields. When adding Cabinets a new tab Additional information appears with the fields. Viewing by Cabinet has a button to display all the Cabinet information, as does the Folder view.

[Bullet] (August 2008) Added Option Override DocMan passwords.
If this is enabled then the user who is logged in will be the only person who can access DocMan on that computer with their Windows login. i.e. The system will not ask for a login or password but will accept the user with his DocMan rights.

[Bullet] (August 2008)Added option to create standard folders after creating each Cabinet rather than globally.

[Bullet] (July 2008) Added DocMan default Allow All To Create CD.
This has security implications but if the user requires it this will place the create cd menu choice on the File Menu available to all users.

[Bullet] (July 2008)Added DocMan default Use CDrive and Not My Documents.
In some instances where the My Documents folder is stored on a network drive and not on the local machine the system is not able to copy a file from DocMan server to the My Documents location. This setting creates a folder DocMan on the C drive of the local computer and stores view and emailout files to this local folder.

[Bullet] (July 2008)Added must contains string in Select Cabinet within the Index routine.

[Bullet] (July 2008)Added must contains string in View by Cabinet.

[Bullet] Converted to class based version and Flat file/SQL Multiversion)

[Bullet] Integrated Messaging and Traffic into DocMan
rather than as separate applications

[Bullet] Autocapture amended
If an alternative folder is selected it will be remembered during the session until changed. Documents linked have also been stripped of their path.

[Bullet] Rewrote some code for the secure routing function
(set in File\Supervisor Utilities\Document Management Defaults- Use Secure Routing). Only the user to whom the Routing is routed or a User with level 5 security can access routings.

[Bullet] Filing Cabinets can be exempted from Standard Folders
being created inside them by adding [X] to the information field.

[Bullet] Changed the Import Cabinet utility to display the fields in the selected Import folder
and allocate them against the available Cabinet field names.

[Bullet] Introducing a method of deleting documents. Anyone with Maintenance rights can move documents to be deleted to the INDEX/Delete documents folder. This creates a list of documents that can be deleted. The supervisor can then delete the documents. A history of who requested and who deleted the documents is held.

[Bullet] Create CD listing and MaintainDocuments also only display
Folders with documents within them. This does not require the default to be set. Selected folders will not display in the left hand browse.

[Bullet] Added Do not display empty folders Default.
If this is set then the View Filing Cabinet and View Folder choice will only display folders with documents in them.

[Bullet] Added How to training videos.




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