(2 September 2008) List of DocMan updates since January 2007

(24 August 2008) Countrywide dealer lists updated

(24 August 2008) The latest version of DocMan is available for download

SARS Income Tax information

In correspondence with the South African Revenue Services (SARS) we established that our software is acceptable for the storage and retrieval of documents relating to all requirements of the various acts regulated by SARS. These include the Income Tax Act and the Capital gains Acts amongst others. Contact us for details.

Web enabled Document Management and POD software

The website you are viewing now is being served by a webserver written by us.
If you select this link
POD Demonstration
you can see an example of a program written totally in Clarion running using our Webserver, also written in Clarion. The total program is one exe and can access our databases. This can be embedded in static pages allowing a website that can be customised to any clients requirements.This is the way we will be utilising the Web, you will still have your normal Lan based program but we can provide access both from within your office and over the Internet. The webserver is more secure than IIS and Apache because it is one executable that generates html files on the fly

Courier and Distributor Software

We have introduced 2 new products aimed at companies which act as couriers or distributors of goods on behalf of others. The programs are already in use by a number of companies in the business.
Read about them here:

About: Courier and Distributor

If you are interested please contact us via one of the methods in the block to the right



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