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Store all your documents in a filing cabinet, then retrieve them by keywords or from the cabinet or folder, or by a description given when the document was captured. View the document via a network. Print, Fax or email the document. We have now added the remote indexing feature in which a document is scanned with no human intervention. The document is automatically routed to an Incoming Mail folder. A traffic controller can then access this folder at his/her leisure and either route the document to another person for them to index, or index  and store the document directly into the Docman filing system.   This speeds up capture and allows a greater volume to be captured because the scanner can work at full capacity while a number of people can index the captured documents.
New Developments

The latest development in DocScan is interfacing with other technologies. The first interface we have created is to ZetaFax®. Zetafax® is an Windows® based fax server capable of handling up to 60 incoming fax lines simultaneously. We have created an autotimer facility which polls all the incoming fax lines at  a specified interval, copies the incoming fax, converts it to a multipage tif file and then places it in the incoming mail folder. From there it is treated as laid out above. This has resulted in a huge reduction in the amount of paper generated. An insurance broker handling in excess of 3000 claims per month has reduced his paper consumption costs from R17 000 per month to R1 000 per month by replacing his standalone fax machines with Zetafax® and our document management system. Interfaces with other Fax systems as well as certian telephone recording systems have also been successfully implemented.

Key Benefits

[Bullet] Immediate access to documents using a standard Filling
cabinet/Folder/Document approach.
[Bullet] Cost saving in space, filing cabinets, access times, photostat copies
[Bullet] Vital documents are not accessible to potential loss or damage, but the information is available.



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