Terry Davidson

Terry has been developing software since 1979 for a multitude of companies and individuals. The software company has the resources and capabilities to develop programs and applications for the following platforms: Linux and Windows ®
He has a
degree in Commerce.
   Before starting his business in 1981 he was Financial Manager of the Sun City Complex and prior to that Financial Manager of the Royal Swazi Complex.
   Terry is responsible for the design, development and production of the product to suit customer requirements. He also leads the business management and dealer support functions.

Wendy Carpenter (now Davidson)
Wendy has had many years in the field of training. Prior to starting Davidson Communications with Terry Davidson she was Chief Training Officer for the Sun City Complex controlling the development of staff ranging from inexperienced workers through middle management. She has implemented full training development programs and a large number of higher echelon management within that group have advanced through these programs.
   Wendy has overall responsibility for the
training of users as well as first contact with new, potential dealers and customers and is heavily involved in the marketing of the product.

Mark Davidson

Mark joined Davcomm in 2004. He is responsible for front line installation, training and Windows networking technical support. Mark matriculated in 2004 and is currently completing his MCSE qualification.





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